Raw Silk


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      We all cherish the serene touch of silk and the sheer feeling of it. The timeless and unmatched raw silk fabric is only a few among the many words that fall short to describe beauty. Raw silk fabrics have the capability of getting well into any environment, regardless of the season. Most of the time young brides adorn this fabric which makes the look even more royal and grandeur, and raw silk was the answer for many brides.

      Pure silk is made after feting the yarns chemically. In this process silk losses all the sticky protein layers. Raw silk is woven from untreated yarns that contain sericin. The fun fact about raw silk is the shorter fibers of raw silk are gathered either from scrap silk or broken cocoons that are left unreeling during the process of yarning.

      Raw silk is a smooth and delicate fabric that can easily be woven into different types of fabric. The raw silk carries an irregular texture yet is as magnificent as pure silk. In Eastern India, raw silk is also renowned as the 'paat' fabric. The smoothness and non-slippery texture of raw silk make it an interesting choice in curating varieties of attires.