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      Banarasi Fabric

      The magical weave of Banarasi fabrics made us believe in the craft being immortal. Our grandeur new Banarasi fabric collections are hand-loomed and authentic. We at singhanias handpick banarasi fabric online worship diverse elements of Kashi and Mother Nature. 

      The banarasi silk fabric  is woven on the magnificent jacquard loom, with around 5600 thread wires and all are 45 inches wide. A thread (weft) will go over and under a set of threads (warp). The precise order in which the weft passes over and under the warp will regulate the pattern woven into the fabric. An artist creates design boards by outlining the designs on graph paper with color concepts. The punch cards come into sight before choosing the final design, then hundreds of cards are formed to achieve a single pattern on a fabric. The precise order in the weft passes over and under the warp threads determines the pattern on the fabric.

      Explores the promising and vibrant hues of banarasi fabric online, each and every motif is woven with a unique purpose, the sun and moon motifs illustrating the rhythm of time, the blossoming floral and leafy motifs depicting the brightness and new beginnings of life, and many more. The banarasi silk fabric weave is an awe-inspiring sangam of royalty and divinity.