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Kanjivaram fabrics are so fine that they are often referred to as the ‘Weave of the Gods’ for their effortless elegance.

The word ‘Kanchi’ originates from a place called Kanchipuram, which is located in Tamil Nadu. It was here that the finest cotton fibers were grown, spun and woven into hand-woven fabrics. Today, these fabrics are still made by hand using traditional methods. The result is an incomparable blend of comfort and style that has made Kanchipuram fabrics famous all over the world. The village women are known for their incredible weaving skills, which they use to create intricate patterns and bright colors. The fabrics are so popular that the area has gained the nickname "Silk City" because of its rich history and production of silk products.

Kanchipuram fabric

Kanjivaram Fabric is an ancient silk fabric of India. It has been used in the production of traditional textiles for centuries. Kanjivaram Fabric also called as Kanchipuram silk fabric or kanchi pattu fabric is a hand-loomed fabric that comes in a variety of colors and designs.

The Kanjivaram silk fabric is made by hand-weaving with this foundation in accordance with traditional methods passed down through generations. The process takes about one month to complete before it can be used as clothing or home furnishings. Kanjeevaram Fabric has been worn by many people since it was first produced in the country. It is popular as a gift or souvenir item and can be purchased online or at local stores across India.

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Kanjivaram Fabric

Kanchipuram fabrics are renowned for their softness and durability. They are often used by royalty as gifts for dignitaries and as a means of displaying their wealth to others. The Kanjivaram fabrics also make great gifts for yourself or someone else who loves luxury items!