Gratitude & Gifting with Fabrics : Thanksgiving's Journey in India

As autumn leaves paint the landscape in warm hues, there's a familiar buzz in the air - the unmistakable vibe of Thanksgiving. Originally rooted in the early 17th century when Pilgrims and Native Americans shared a feast of gratitude, this tradition has travelled across oceans and found a home in India.

In a country known for its diverse festivals, Thanksgiving might seem like a cultural oddball, but its spirit of gratitude resonates universally. From traditional Indian homes to urban apartments, families gather to give thanks for the blessings of the year.

In India, where the festival has gracefully merged with local customs, the Thanksgiving table may feature not just turkey and cranberry sauce, but also a hearty spread of biryani, curry, and paneer dishes. It's a beautiful fusion that celebrates both the spirit of the festival and the rich tapestry of Indian flavours.

As the festival gains popularity, so does the tradition of gift-giving. While many opt for the usual suspects like sweets and flowers, there's a growing trend to think outside the box – or in this case, outside the gift wrap: FABRICS.

Why fabric, you ask? Well, it's a versatile choice that merges seamlessly with the essence of Thanksgiving. Just like the festival is about weaving together gratitude and reflection, fabric is a metaphorical thread that connects people and cultures.

Consider this: a cosy blanket that wraps your loved ones in warmth, symbolising the comfort of family bonds. Or perhaps, an elegant tablecloth that transforms a mundane dinner table into a festive haven for shared moments. The possibilities are as vast as the patterns on the fabric itself.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, jump right into the world of traditional Indian textiles from FabricbySinghanias. Handwoven sarees or scarves in vibrant colours and designs can give cultural flair to the holiday season. 

In the spirit of keeping things practical, opt for fabrics that mix style with functionality. Think about the receiver's lifestyle – a chef might appreciate a durable apron, while a fashionista could rock a trendy scarf. The goal is to give something that adds value to their lives, a sentiment that resonates with the very essence of Thanksgiving.


So, as you prepare to gather around the table, whether it's turkey or tikka masala, take a moment to reflect on the beauty of gratitude. Thanksgiving, with its roots firmly planted in history, has evolved into a celebration worldwide.

Happy Thanksgiving, wherever in the world you may be! And shop at