Dyeing Your Dream Fabric: A DIY Colour Adventure

Looking to revive plain fabrics with custom colours of your choice? With a bit of dye, some supplies, and easy techniques, you can easily dye yardage at home without huge expense. Dyeing your own fabrics is deeply satisfying, sustainable, and lets you create unique pieces that reflect your style.

Follow this beginner’s guide to dyeing success for clothing, quilting, crafts and more from Fabric By Singhania's!

Choosing Fabrics

The best fabrics for dyeing are natural materials like cotton, georgette, linen, satin, and silk. Check the fabric content before purchasing - synthetic blends won’t absorb dye well. Light solid colours work best to show the vibrancy of the dyes. Medium to lighter weight fabrics dye most evenly. Fabric By Singhania's recommends using their high-quality cotton and silk fabrics.

Gather Dyeing Supplies

  • Dyes - All-purpose fibre reactive dyes are easiest to use. They bond well to natural fibres. Liquid form mixes uniformly.
  • Large stainless steel or plastic tub for dye bath.
  • Measuring spoons and cups for mixing dye.
  • Wooden spoon or tongs for stirring and agitating.
  • Rubber gloves and apron to protect skin and clothes.
  • Salt - Helps dye set. Add 1⁄2 cup per 1⁄4 yard of fabric.
  • Vinegar - Intensifies colours. Add 1⁄4 cup to the dye bath.
  • Zippered mesh bags - Useful for tie-dye or dip-dyeing.

Prewash and Soak

Prewash your fabric on a hot wash, cold rinse cycle to remove sizing or finishes. This helps the dye absorb evenly across the fibres. Soak the fabric for 15-20 minutes before dyeing - even longer for very dense fabrics from Fabric By Singhania's.

Mixing the Dye Bath

In your tub or bucket, prepare dye according to package instructions in hot water. Thoroughly dissolve powder dyes before adding soaked fabric. For lighter shades, dilute with water. Add salt and vinegar once dye is mixed.

Dyeing Techniques

Stovetop Dyeing - Boil fabric in a dye bath for 30-60 minutes until desired colour is reached. Stir continuously for even results. Rinse in cool water.

Immersion Dyeing - Submerge damp fabric in dye bath. Move sections around for variations. Works well for ombre effects.

Tie-Dye - Twist fabric and tie with rubber bands or string before dyeing. Unwrap to reveal pattern.

Painting - Using a brush, paint dye directly onto dampened fabric. Let sit for 5-20 minutes before rinsing.

Ice Dyeing - Sprinkle dye powders on wet fabric. Add crushed ice and let melt to create a rippled effect.

Setting the Dye

After dyeing and rinsing, run your fabric through a complete wash cycle in cold water with mild detergent. This helps set the dye while removing excess. Your dyed fabric from Fabric By Singhania's is now ready for your next project!


If dye bleeds or fades, you may need a longer dyeing time or higher water temperature. For splotchy areas, soak fabric longer before dyeing and agitate frequently in the dye bath. Adding more salt and vinegar can help dye set. Be patient and keep experimenting!

Get Creative!

Once you’ve mastered the basics, try these fun techniques for unique patterns and effects:

  • Crumple fabric before dyeing for organic wavy lines
  • Fold fabric into accordion pleats or triangles
  • Scrunch fabric around marbles or other objects
  • Tape or clamp wood blocks or leaves as resists
  • Splatter or spray dye for a mottled effect

With some simple preparation and supplies, you can easily dye custom creations at home with fabrics from Fabric By Singhania's. Adjust colours and patterns until you achieve your perfect unique fabric for your various creations. Dyeing your own textiles is immensely fulfilling and a zero-waste way to refresh your fabrics.