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Fabric is an integral part of people’s lives. Be it toddlers and seniors alike, the innate requirement for ‘fabric(s)’ triumphs over the whole idea of ‘purpose’. To some, fabric serves the basic purpose of clothing. To some, it is livelihood and to some others, it is life itself.

Fabric, as a flexible medium, contributes to the quintessence of beauty. It is the elixir of beauty and the foundation of personality. At fabricbysinghanias, we honour our love and passion for fabric by bringing you an exclusive collection of artistic fabrics curated with care and love. From the craftsmanship of hundreds of talented artisans and weavers across the nation putting their sacred skills to good use, we offer fabrics that are touched by tradition and woven through heritage.

Whether you’re looking for everyday, festive or casual clothing, upholstery, gifting ideas or home goods, fabricbysinghanias offers an immense selection of high-quality fabric online. With on-trend patterns, colours and styles, you can count on us for top tier selections amongst the most durable fabrics.

Believe it or not, all our fabrics are sourced naturally and you can filter your search based on category, pattern, colour, material, fabric weight, price to find exactly what you need. If you are on the hunt for floral patterns, traditional motifs, plain solids, everything is clearly organised on our website that will most certainly align with what you are looking for.


From the most unique patterns to a premium selection of novelty art pieces and one of a kind materials, we offer conversation starting designs that will garner you tons of compliments.

We are dedicated to providing passionate service and exceptional fabrics to our clients who like to keep up with the fast-paced fashion industry and its trends. We believe in achieving creative endeavours that endear the choices of our customers and bring well-being to their lives.

We pride ourselves  in being one of India’s largest fabric manufacturers and a spearhead for sustainable fashion. While all our stores offer extensive ranges of eco-friendly fashion articles, our online store is predominantly growing to cater to your needs.

Our online store offers an extensive range of fabrics with a strong focus on natural fibres as well as a variety of hand-weaving craft including Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Ikkat, Lehariya, Kalamkari, Bhagalpur, etc. We also house an extensive range of different types of silks including raw silk, tissue silk, patty silk, cotton silk, etc.

Alongside our collection of premium fabrics, we also offer a carefully curated range of embroidery crafts in Parsi, Zardozi, Thread Embroidery, Weaving, Painting and Sequence work patterns.

fabricbysinghanias is an exclusive online inventory of world-renowned designs and craftwork that will always amaze you with finely articulated pieces of clothing and empower you with a traditional collection that you have always dreamt of.

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