5 Tips to maintain Kanjivaram Fabric

Kanjivaram silk fabric is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. The intricate patterning, color, and texture are hard to replicate with any other type of fabric—which is why it's such a treasure. But like all treasures, caring for kanjivaram fabric is critical to preserving its beauty and longevity.

If you're thinking about getting your hands on some kanjivaram silk fabric, there are a few things that you should know about how to care for it so you can make sure that it lasts as long as possible.

Kanjivaram fabric

 Here are some tips for taking care of your kanjivaram:

1. If you have a stain on your Kajivaram fabric, wash it as soon as possible to remove the stain. The longer you wait, the tougher it will be to remove the stain; use a laundry to deal with any stubborn stains.

 2. Store it flat—this will help ensure that the fibers do not fray or unravel over time. When storing your kanjivaram silk fabric after you've finished using it, try folding over one end so that the creases aren't visible anymore. This will help prevent any damage from occurring while in storage. Be careful while folding the fabric and make sure that you don't fold it in such a way that it gets creased between folds which will damage the fabric badly.

 3. Avoid using stain remover on kanjivaram unless you have tested it first—the dye used in this fabric is delicate, so using harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia could damage it. If you do use cleaning products with bleach or ammonia, test a small area first!

4. Use cold water when laundering—you don't want to damage any fibers by washing them too hot. Do not iron your Kanjivaram Silk Fabric too often as this will damage its look and feel over time.

5. Keep your Kanchipuram silk separate from cotton or other fabrics. Wrap it in a muslin cloth or pure cotton cloth to keep it preserved.

These five tips will help you maintain your Kanjivaram fabric/sarees in the best condition possible. They'll also help you break down and care for your Kanchipuram silk after it's served its time or if you're giving it to someone as a gift.